Chlo Elizabeth 'Painting Demons'

Figurative painting is the core of my practice; in this latest series my work reflects relationships between adult and child, man and woman, observed from old family photographs.

To the outsider what appears to be nothing out of the norm, to me portrays complex family ties that I can only describe through paint. k

Working from B & W photographs enabled me to be led by the process of painting, changing the language of an image through mark making and use of colour.

Although the work is open to interpretation, titles are important to me and often suggest the intent of the painting.

Chlo Elizabeth graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2017, at her degree show she was shortlisted for the Aon Community Art Award and was given the opportunity to exhibit in London for the year. Her work has since been bought from customers worldwide.

Chlo is also taking part in a six month residency with East Street Arts (supported by Leeds Arts University).

In September she will be flying off to America for a one-month residency with ChaNorth in New York Hudson Valley, where she will be developing her practice and living and working with galleriests and curators.
Instagram: c_h_l_o__e_l_i_z_a_b_e_t_h_

Art of Conversation: An evening of Q&A with Chlo Elizabeth

Friday 12th October - 6pm onwards

Linda Pieters ‘Memories Are Made Of This’

Pareidolia influences my process and in turn defines my individuality.
‘The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines’
Oxford Dictionary

When I start my paintings I do not have any pre-conceived ideas but begin with acrylic paints, making random marks using varied sized brushes and palette knives. Letting the paint partially dry, I then wash off to leave interesting marks on the canvas. Figures and places start to emerge from these residual marks, which are then clarified and reconfigured using oils.

As a ‘very’ mature artist many images from my past lie dormant and then influence my work so many years later. One doesn’t realise how much we store in our memories. This is why I describe my process as painting from the library of the subconscious.

Linda graduated with a First Class Fine Art Honours Degree from Leeds Arts University in 2018. Born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa she now resides in Harrogate. Exhibitions include: ‘Summer Open Competition’ Left Bank, Leeds, 2018; ‘Free Range’, Truman Gallery, London 2018; Harrogate Open 2017, 2015, 2012, 2000; National Open Art, shortlisted 2017. Linda has just been awarded a residency at the Art House, Wakefield for January 2019
Instagram : linda_pieters_artist_harrogate


The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone is one of the most prevalent books for living in the modern world, and the loneliness that comes with living in a city; a juxtaposition of feeling equally distant and connected.

This is what has inspired our January exhibition. We are looking for 8 photographers, amateur and professional, to exhibit at the Bowery The exhibition will be curated by Bella Quirin, our newest member of the team who has been inspired by this book.

Submit 3 images of your work in relation to the state of urban loneliness along with an artist’s statement to for a chance to have your work shown in an exciting new exhibition

Submission deadline: Wednesday 7th November

Any submissions after this time won’t be considered. The candidates who’s work appeals to the curator’s vision will find out if they are successful the following week.

Exhibition date: 26th January - 5th April