Patrick Gommersall

Patrick is a self taught artist and media composer. In his artwork he creates figurative paintings and drawings, relating to emotional trauma and hidden feelings.

Since his exhibition ‘Traum’ at the Bowery, Patrick has further developed his art practice and continues to view the modern human as an endless source of information to explore. Here in his latest series of work he looks at themes of alienation and detachment in a digitally interconnected 21st Century.

‘These figure-in-landscape works have been developing in my studio over the last 12 months, but they only really began to speak when I found the source for what have become the titles. I use a combination of photographs, sketches and books for reference images and try to achieve an immediacy in their translation by working freely across several paintings at once’

Selected exhibitions: ‘I’ Cupola Gallery, Sheffield (2018); ‘Traumascapes’ Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham (2018); Bradford Art Open, Bradford (2017); ‘Perception’ Cupola Gallery, Sheffield (2017); ‘A Journey’ Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham (2016); Bradford Art Open, Bradford (2015)

Pete Symonds

A large part of Peter’s recent practice involves making use of discarded canvases, the ones stored away and overlooked. He began to recycle, reuse, and re-value. Gradually new structures and forms emerged from this process of dismantling and constant rearranging.

‘My overriding concerns are the potential, and the possibilities for painting itself. My work involves a deconstruction of the painting process, and a detailed examination of the physical properties of each material used. The paintings continually change their shape. Each painting shows both their "histories" and mapping of their journey whilst new structures, forms, and identities emerge.

’Peter Symonds was born near Perth, Australia and now lives and works in Leeds. He gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Leeds Beckett University and has exhibited at various galleries nationwide. His most recent work ‘Indigenous’ was exhibited at Merzbarn Cylinders Estate, Elterwater, Cumbria and will form part of the ‘Then & Now’ exhibition at the Bowery. He was also shortlisted for the NatWest Painting Prize.

Debbie Harman

Debbie Harman is a graduate from the MA Photography degree at London College of Communication. Her practice is rooted in stories and personal experiences. Her work considers embodiment and human connection to land. Drawn to questions of society, of localised issues that speak on a universal level. Her work often examines changing notions of community and the human condition in the 21st Century. Through use of Lens-based media and experimental sound she attempts to push the boundaries of documentary arts practice.

‘In 2014 I began a travel research project to document my hometown Goole, North England and it's twinned town of Zlowtow, Northern Poland.

Without agenda this project started with the simple idea of looking at each town; “The modern concept of town twinning, conceived after the Second World War was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and between former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation, and to encourage trade and tourism”

I quickly realised it was a ridiculous notion to be in pursuit of such an ideal. The towns were so closely mirroring each other; the same remnants of Industry, ghosts of a more stable economic past. I recognised my loneliness in Poland in the solitary landscapes I captured and the weight of the heavy political debates that surround it. This work became as much about my own personal journey, trying to find a place of belonging within the project and my practice.’

Carole Griffiths

Carole’s current research is an investigative response to desire in the 21st Century as seen through sculptural representations and materiality of the domestic object.

The use of the kitchen utensil as a starting point gives the viewer the familiarity in the first instance. Carole then transforms these objects using a variety of techniques and materials to create sculptural works, which in turn display inadequacies related to the process of desire and human conditioning.

Carole is a practicing Sculptor and full-time lecturer in BA (Hons) Visual Arts at Bradford School of Art. She has a BA (Hons) in Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art and MA in Visual arts under Leeds Beckett University. She is currently undertaking her PhD at Coventry University.

Carole's work has been exhibited in numerous places within the Yorkshire Region including: South Square, Dean Clough, Mercer Gallery and East Bank Arts in Sheffield. Carole is also a member of a Collaborative Group 'The Unlocked Collective' which focuses on responses to historical environments and archival content.

‘Objects are communicated through a dialect of making, thinking, thinking making, this makes my work, work’.

Sally Taylor

'My drawings affirm a desire to understand more about human relationships, specifically my own interaction with others. Using found materials, specifically old book covers, enables the superimposition of marks in relation to the personal history of the surface. Geometric shapes become ‘blockages’ or ‘openings’ and the recurring motif of ‘smiling mouths’ aim to unravel social constructs surrounding the unsaid and non-verbal interaction.‘

Sally Taylor studied BA Fine Art Practice & Theory before moving on to do her MA Studio Practice both at Lancaster University. Selected group exhibitions include: ‘SelfScapes’, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire (2018); Jerwood Drawing Prize (2017); Jerwood Space, London and UK tour (2017-8); ‘State of Line’, Artworks, Halifax (2017); London Art Fair, Rabley Contemporary, London (2017, 2016, 2015); Ink Art Fair, Rabley Contemporary, Miami, USA (2017, 2016); Prison Drawing Project, Scarborough (2016); Jerwood Drawing Prize (2014 Prize-winner); Jerwood Space, London and UK tour (2014-15).

Recent solo exhibitions: ‘Some Spaces Left’, Platform A, Middlesbrough (2017); ‘That Head, That Head’, Rabley Contemporary, Wiltshire (2016). Recent solo publication (2017) ‘Head Drawings’ features essays by Professor Anita Taylor, Director, Jerwood Drawing Prize, Dr Vanessa Corby, York St John University and ‘In conversation’ Kate Brindley, Head of Exhibitions, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. Grants for the Arts Award (2015 -2018).

Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and site-specific wall paintings, which consider issues of physical and emotional engagement with known territories and spaces. Interested in Modernist and Post-War Architecture Emma uses the built environment to seek out structures to investigate within her painting practice.

‘My work investigates a fascination with colour, pattern and place. These elements are combined in the exploration of post-war educational buildings and structures that have personal connections. I seek architectural space that lies between reality and abstraction and challenges notions of formal balance and steadiness to reflect the actual instability of each building’s future.’

Selected exhibitions include: ‘High Rise’ (Solo), The Calver Gallery, South Square Centre, Thornton, Bradford (2018); ‘Dialogus’, Vane, Newcastle (2017); ‘Small World’, PS Mirabel, Manchester (Highly Commended, 2017); ‘Magical Geometry’, Chapel Gallery, Lancashire (2017); ‘Altered Space’ (Solo), Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough (2016-17); ‘Emma Bennett’ (Solo), The Tunnel Gallery, Middlesbrough (2015); Wells Art Contemporary, Wells (2015 & 2014). She is currently studying at Teesside University for an MA in Fine Art where she also gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2009.

Fiona Grady

Fiona Grady creates large site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. The drawings are spatial systems composed from repeating intervals that expand in proportion or direction.

‘For my previous exhibition at the Bowery I installed a wall drawing and covered all the gallery windows with coloured vinyl - it’s the first time I used to medium. I loved the effect created by the vinyl and it’s now become an integral part of my practice; with high profile commissions for venues such as Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre.

’ Fiona Grady studied BA Fine Art at the University of Wales In Cardiff (2004-2007) and MA Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art (2010- 2011). Fiona has been short-listed for several printmaking prizes including: Neo-print Prize, Bainbridge Open and Clifford Chance’s Survey of MA printmaking. Her public commissions include: Deptford Rail Station, Leeds Town Hall and Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre. Her solo exhibitions include: The Art House, Wakefield; St Marys in the Castle, Hastings and Adhoc in Bochum, Germany.



Rachel Johns

Rachel John graduated in 2000 from Cumbria College of Art & Design with a BA Hons Fine Art. As an undergraduate she began to develop large expressive ink drawings using sticks found by the river Eden.

She has continued to develop her practice with the creation of striking figurative characters and creatures. These are drawn as a means of exploring thoughts, desires and relationships, often with darkly comic results.

‘Since the Moments Exhibition in 2016 I've become interested in Classical Mythology, the stories I read sparking my imagination. The original stories became blurred which allowed for a free, automatic response as new creatures and drawings emerged from my subconscious.’

Johns’ work is held in private collections in the UK and Germany and her latest work ‘Medusa’ was exhibited at The Piece Hall Gallery, Halifax.

Rachel is co-founder and director of The Egg Factory in Hebden Bridge, a creative co-working space with screen print facilities