From the greek words kalos (beautiful), eidos (form), and skopeo (to look at) 

31st Oct - 7th Jan  


Artists Showing 

Dan Harland

Dan Harland uses fragments of memory of places and objects to create his compositions. Colour and form are retraced and reformed into estimated environments. Colour is heightened through reimagining; the reality of the space is forgotten. From Coffee shops to local landmarks, Dan takes inspiration from the form of architecture and natural landscape. He represents these forms as simply as possible by flattening the shapes and placing them on top of each other, like a collage. His work often directs the viewer through windows or doors, from one space to another, playing with the perception of these different spaces. 

Instagram - @danjharland_artist

Cassia Beck
‘Paper Forms’

Cassia is a self-taught collage artist and has been creating hand cut paper works for two decades. Her work has been licensed and sold in Ikea, Urban Outiftters and graces the walls of numerous hotels. Her collage work is playful with a splash of humour and satisfies her need to scavenge in junk shops and car boot sales for interesting paper finds. Cassia is inspired by mid-century advertising and likes to mix the old with the new. Bold colourful shapes combined with black and white images have become her signature style. 

Instagram - @cassiab

Liz Foster
‘The Colour of Abstraction’  

Liz trained at the Glasgow School of Art in the 90's and since then she has gone on to establish herself as a committed and experimental painter focussing her practice on gestural abstraction and inventive use of colour. Her work is both thoughtful and playful, with the enjoyment of the physical qualities of paint at the core of what she does. Liz has a studio just outside York and splits her time between her own painting and teaching fine art.

Instagram - @lizfosterart
Twitter - @lizfosterart
Website - lizfosterart

Katrina Avotina
‘Big City Vibes’

Katrina seeks to paint ‘the good bits in life’ as she sees and feels them. This exhibition focuses on her playful narrative of cityscapes paying special attention to colour, line and plot. Katrina has more than 25 years’ experience in painting, she graduated from Latvian Academy of Art in Fine Art and later completed her Masters in Painting. She has Illustrated several children books and has won several awards. Her works can be found in private collections in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Ireland, Australia, USA and other countries. 

Instagram - @katrinaavotina

Kimi Marlowe
‘Abstracted Freedom’

What we lack we seek. The artist creates landscapes to evoke a sense of freedom and space. The drips in the work represent movement and change. The landscape is in a state of continual flux, and the artist changes as she searches for new adventures to feed her creative well, forever moving forwards and growing. The work is about feeling something, not just looking, and the sense of space created within the work offers a sense of calm to the viewer. This calm aims to create balance and reflection in response to the chaos of life.

Instagram - @kimi_marlowe_art
Website - kimimarloweeart.com

Jamie Sheridan
‘World Soul’

Through the instinctive relationship between abstraction and the spiritual, Jamie considers a paradoxical pursuit of creating forms of the visceral sensations within the ‘now’. His approach is a rhythmic style of primitive, intimate, and energetic gestures to act as an answer to his experiences of meditation practice and further curiosities of rhythm in the natural world.

Instagram - @jamiesheriden.art
Website - jamiesheridan.art

Paul Butterworth
‘Camera Rolling’

Paul Butterworth is in his graduating year at the University for the Creative Arts/Open College of the Arts and a film actor. He played Barry in ‘The Full Monty’ and features in ‘Allelujah’ starring Jennifer Saunders to be released February 2023. In this series of six paintings Paul uses abstraction to explore what it feels like to act in a feature film. He starts with the confusion and excitement of the self-tape, then moves through the read through, costume fitting, rehearsal, filming, and finally to the glorious realisation that all his work is still in the film. Instagram (art): 

Instagram - @paulbutterworthartist
LinkedIn - paulbutterworth1