The Shape of Things 

Freya Stockford 

04/09 - 14/10

Freya’s work is a symphony of composition, colour, and context. She paints enduring, alongside fleeting, commonplace objects in her work to commemorate a vast array of emotions that illustrate her life. These emotions can often take form in unbalanced contrast, such as her experience of infertility alongside the sense of euphoria she gets from jumping into cold water. 

The visual mood of Freya’s paintings depends entirely on the context. Whether it’s used to suggest grief, contentment, regret or delight, Freya uses the quiet form of still life to portray the full gamete of life and her works each tell their own story using her colourful visual lexicon of jugs, fruit and bowls. This concentrated language of commonplace objects allows Freya to explore complex themes over and over again, each time in a new light. She believes that colour begets memory and hopes the colours in these works instil some retrospection in the viewer. 

Freya often paints what she calls ‘ugly paintings’ where she creates compositions and uses colours that challenge her to confront and understand difficult emotions. See if you can work out which ones they are. 

“There’s sort of a theatrics to my work, in a way, because I’m building up tension by creating these big, empty backgrounds – and then I’m placing a pear or a jug into this silent scene to figure out what it means to me. And I do really end up finding them quite funny. 

It’s a hugely cathartic process – to begin by experiencing something painful, creating work and being able to laugh about it afterwards.”

About Freya

Freya is an artist based in Leeds, UK. She graduated from Central St Martins in 2010 and continued her degree in Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. 

After losing her work in the fire at GSA in 2014, she has continued her practice from her studio at Assembly House, Leeds. Freya has exhibited internationally, including shows in Germany and the USA. This is her first exhibition in her hometown of Leeds. Some of her favourite things are: wild swimming, striped t-shirts and orange wine.

  instagram @freyastockfordstudio